SUHTL or S.U.H.T.L. is an acronym and Trade Mark describing the essential patented design features of a truly astonishing and revolutionary loudspeaker, that is unique in the world for imaging and realism.

Single drive unit, Ultra-low resonance, Half-wave Transmission-Line.

Ultra-low resonance




that's what it is, now what does it do?

A. it allows us to reproduce the full audio spectrum (including low bass) from only one place, but without the distortion or added reverberation otherwise present in all other loudspeakers.

why do we need it?

A.sound, emanating from more than one place(per ear-side), adulterated or unusally reverberant will convince the brain that the performance is fake and not a real performance in the room.

The brain and the ear work together in a way far too sophisticated for us to fully discover, but the way the brain decides  you are hearing something faked/reproduced is quite well understood.

One of the most important thoughts you get is the 'is it real or reproduced' conclusion, and we know that the brain will focus on comparing a stored pattern with the experience to determine this, usually a voice or natural instrument.

Essentially a real voice or natural instrument invariably come from a 'point' source e.g. a mouth or sound-hole. The outer-ear and canals are designed to allow fairly moderate directional stimulation within the ear, so you could tell direction, within about 10 degrees where a sound came from without seeing it. We know that although the brain accepts Left/Right direction differences largely since the two-ears hear a different side, it becomes confused if there are noticeable vertical direction changes or multiple sources of vocals (unrealistic). Compared to other instruments, the human voice is particularly recognisable by it's sublte yet precise bass, of course only the S.U.H.T.L. loudspeaker can reproduce this.Precise means- when the music stops, so does the loudspeaker - instantly. In other types of loudspeaker, after the signal stops, sound continues to eminate late - either by resonance, ports, rear-wave emmision or electronic delays (crossovers). This precision in the bass means a new type of reproduction experience. S.U.H.T.L. cannot create booming or fluffy bass associated with everything else, but it can recreate what is on the CD/source.


S.U.H.T.L. can not create a sound or make mediocre recordings sound better , but can recreate fantastic recordings and recreate performances as if the performance was convincingly in the room.!


The S.U.H.T.L  is the only loudspeaker in the world that delivers full range from only one drive unit with no woofer, crossover, ports or enclosure coloration. because the triaxial is so closely spaced it eliminates virtually all distortion - see the video talk

Inside each S.U.H.T.L. is an eight foot pipe folded up with five concrete and ceramic reflectors within an exclusively non-wood enclosure. This super-sound absorbing material, never used in a loudspeaker before delivers the 'holy grail' solution that audiophiles and professionals have wanted for decades - a perfected Transmission Line. Invented in the 1960's by A.R.Bailey, but at that time didnt have the technology to make it work well, until by chance/design/experimentation and a lot of dedicated perserverance resulted in a hitherto unknown company perfecting and patenting this remarkable combination of theoretical perfection with modern technology.

How does it work?

A. It is essential to use just one full-range drive unit. To use a seperate woofer or reflex port would create a second sound that the ear-brain would detect and thus rule-out vocals etc as fake.

In order to eliminate the woofer etc, we use an equalizer in the pre-amp stage, requiring the drive unit be particularly rubust, wih extended-range.

To prevent the rear-sound-wave of the drive unit reflecting off the room walls and thus arriving late and cluttered at the listener's ear, we absorb not some, but audibly ALL the rear wave.

To absorb ALL the rear wave, the enclose itself must not resonate itself nor emit sound from any ports. This rules out conventional enclosures. What is required is a long pipe that's length ( Half-Wave is approx 8 foot )and diameter is a perfect match for the drive-unit and cannot resonate.( Transmission-Line ). The pipe will be mathematically stuffed with enough wadding to make the emiitted sound inaudibly quiet, by varying the density.

To allow this enclosure in a medium/small sized lounge/studio, the pipe is double-folded into three vertical pipes, and reflected, braced and extra-stuffed at the top/base to achieve optimum anti-resonance design. Furthermore, it was found that to avoid 'woody' colouration and enhance further the bass, it is neccesary to eliminate any wood/paper/mdf etc from the sound-pipe, and build it exclusively with ceramics and a patented new sound-insulating board, never before tried. These materials, design and technologies combine to give the enclosure literally unheard-of resonance levels ( Ultra-low resonance).

There is something amazing about hearing only one version of a reproduced sound, and it's something you normally only hear in particularly clear headphones, but with S.U.H.T.L. loudspeakers you also get realistic directional information from the room-acoustics which is absent from headphones.

The difference can be visualised as follows:

1. real singer in your lounge will have one source but some reflections from the one source in the room.

2. headphones sound like the singer is in your head not the room, unconvincing

3. loudspeakers with resonance or multiple sound sources (including a port) deliver interfering and distorted brews of sound, plus room reflections, unconvincing but possibly 'easy-listening' and may 'make certain music sound nice'

4. S.U.H.T.L loudspeakers reproduce sound as the singer did, with the same purity and reflections as the real singer would have, there are no interfering sources, distortions or resonances, resulting in convincing reproduction - at last!.

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